Introduction to Azure DocumentDB

Level 300



The Introduction to Azure DocumentDB course explores the latest NoSQL storage option available on Microsoft Azure, called DocumentDB, and will help students to become familiar with DocumentDB and its features. As a document-oriented database DocumentDB allows developers to store semi-structured and structured data in a scalable way without the need to learn another data access language. Students familiar with relational databases will find a lot of features provided by traditional databases, such as SQL, UDF and Stored Procedures, also in DocumentDB. Provided as a cloud service, DocumentDB helps to reduce operation and maintenance costs without losing control of your overall database.

Pre Requisites

  • Visual Studio 2013 or above
  • Introductory knowledge of Microsoft Azure

Course Audience

  • .NET Developers

Course Objectives

  • After taking the Introduction to Azure DocumentDB course, the student will gain familiarity with document-oriented databases in general and Azure DocumentDB in particular, how to create and maintain DocumentDB accounts, write data to and access data from DocumentDB, define UDFs, triggers and stored procedures, as well as advanced techniques such as getting the data design right.

Module 1: Introduction to DocumentDB

In this module you will be introduced to the capabilities of DocumentDB and learn the basics of NoSQL, document stores and how DocumentDB fits into this picture.

Exercise 0: Overview and Setup

Module 2: Creating your first app

In this module you will gain hands-on experience and reading and writing data to DocumentDB using Visual Studio and C#.

Module 3: Advanced DocumentDB

In this module you will learn about several key features of DocumentDB, including monitoring an Azure DocumentDB account.

Exercise 7: Delete resources in your Azure Subscription

Module 4: DocumentDB in the Real World

In this module you will learn about real world use cases and scenarios with DocumentDB.