IL - Developing .NET Solutions

Course Overview

With the shift from .Net Framework to .Net Core, developers working with .Net need to understand how both paradigms. This course uses the C# coding language to teach .Net solution development from a beginner level, rapidly to proficiency.

Course Details
  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Level: 200

Who this course is designed for
  • Developers who have 1 - 3 years experience and want to learn .Net
  • Developers with more experience, but have little or no experience with .Net

What You Will Learn

  • C# programming basics
  • .Net framework basics
  • .Net core basics
  • MVC
  • Advanced C#
  • Working with data in .Net
  • How to use the System.Data library to author data access applications in .NET
  • How to use Entity Framework to streamline the modeling and usage of SQL entities directly in .NET code
  • How to use Entity Framework to perform transactions and seeding within SQL
  • How to unit test an application using Entity Framework
  • How to use other ORMs to access SQL data in .NET


  • Basic coding experience

Course Outline

- Introduction to core programming concepts
- Program Flow
- Classes and objects
- Classes and inheritance
- Advanced object oriented programming **
- Understanding Object-Oriented Programming
- Understanding Common Language Runtime
- Understanding Data Types and Collections
- Understanding Events and Exceptions
- Understanding Code and Compilation Deployment
- Understanding Input/Output (I/O) Classes
- Understanding Security
- Understanding of Memory Management on .NET Apps
- Understanding .NET Core
- Overview of ASP.NET MVC
- Build an MVC Page
- Connect to a database in Azure
- Deploy to App Services in Azure
- Advanced C# Features
- Code Maintenance and Readability
- Unit Testing
- Compiler-as-a-service(Rosyln)
- Building Apps in .Net Core and .Net Framework
- Asynchronous Code in .NET
- Building .NET Solutions for Release
- History of Data Access in .NET
- The System.Data Namespace
- Getting Started with Entity Framework (Core)
- Manipulating Data using Entity Framework (Core)
- More .NET Object-Relational Mappers;

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