IL - Azure SQL Database Monitoring and Performance Tuning

Course Overview

This course covers all aspects of Azure SQL Database performance. This course will cover the performance monitoring and troubleshooting tools available in Azure SQL Database. We will cover designing performant databases in Azure SQL Database, leveraging in-memory and columnstore technologies. Finally, we will wrap up by discussing elastic database pools and the special challenges they bring to monitoring and tuning performance

Course Details
  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Level: 400

Who this course is designed for
  • Database Administrators
  • Database Developers
  • Database Architects

  • Understanding basic performance management in Azure SQL Database.
  • Designing Databases for Performance
  • Understanding the advanced tuning and monitoring features of Azure SQL Database
  • Leveraging shared database pools to manage performance across many databases
  • Understanding of Azure Fundamentals
  • Some experience with Azure SQL Database
  • Some experience monitoring and managing SQL Server (either on-premises or in the cloud)


Module 1: SQL Database Performance Management 

This module covers general Azure SQL Database performance management. We will introduce performance tiers and service tiers of Azure SQL Database. We will also discuss the key performance metrics, basic alert functionality and index management in Azure SQL Database.

MODULE 2: Designing Databases for Performance 

Module two focuses on database design and its impacts on performance and efficiency in Azure SQL Database. We will look at table design best practices for SQL Database. We will walk through the use cases and advantages of In-Memory OLTP followed by a detailed review of clustered and non-clustered columnstore indexing in Azure SQL Database. Finally, we will wrap up with a discussion of real time operational analytics.

MODULE 3: Performance Monitoring and Tuning   

Module three is all about monitoring and tuning in Azure SQL Database. We will look at the tools and techniques that developers and DBAs can leverage for performance management in Azure SQL Database. We will cover built-in features such as Performance Recommendations, Query Store and Extended Events. We will also discuss some  techniques for dealing with performance and compatibility issues in Azure SQL Database such as waitstats and Database compatibility settings. 

MODULE 4: Working with Elastic Database Pools   

The final module of this course will focus on elastic database pools in Azure SQL Database. We will start with a discussion on identifying elastic pool candidate databases. We will then move on to managing and monitoring databases that reside in an elastic pool.

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