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  • Published: Jul 27 2016
    Published: Jul 27 2016
    Length: 9:22:48
    The purpose of this course is to give students a thorough introduction to the core areas of Dynamics CRM, specifically within the functionality of Sales, Marketing, and Service. Upon the completion of this course, students will have experience implementing the base functionality of the Sales, Marketing and Service modules.
  • Published: Jul 7 2016
    Published: Jul 7 2016
    Length: 9:59:44
    Building on the knowledge gained from the Getting Started with Dynamics CRM course, this course dives into the array of options available for tailoring Dynamics CRM to the specific needs of an organization. Upon completion of this course students will have hands on experience customizing and automating Dynamics CRM as well as applying proper security and packaging their customizations for transfer to other CRM environments and organizations.