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  • Published: May 25 2017
    Published: May 25 2017
    Length: 3:29:10
    This course covers configuring Exchange Online and Delve and Office 365 Video for End Users.  This course starts with user settings for Exchange Online such as email address, aliases and SIP addresses.  Users we’ll learn about Resource Mailboxes, Office 365 Groups (replacing Shared Mailboxes), External Contacts and Distribution Lists. It will also cover two recent features that have been released and added to the 70-347 test, Delve and the Office 365 Video Portal.
    This course will get you well on your way to earning your MCSA: Office 365. The course outline is based on “Configure additional email addresses for users” and “Create and manage external contacts, resources and groups” from Microsoft Exam 70-347.
  • Published: May 25 2017
    Published: May 25 2017
    Length: 30 mins

    In this lab you’ll work with email address and email aliases for your Exchange Online Users.  You’ll start out the lab by getting your environment setup for Exchange Online PowerShell as well as PowerShell from Azure AD.  Then, you’ll run a series of scripts to bulk update email aliases on your users.  You’ll wrap up the lab by changing the default email address for one of your users.  Exercise 1 covers the first Hands-On Lab for Module 1 while Exercise 2 is for the second Hands On Lab of Module 1.

  • Published: May 15 2017
    Published: May 15 2017
    Length: 6 hrs 45 mins
    In this lab, you learn about deploying SQL Server on Azure VMs. This lab will prepare you for using features such as backup to Azure and deploying SQL Server Availability Groups in Azure.
  • Published: May 9 2017
    Published: May 9 2017
    Length: 9:04:40
    In this hands-on course, students will learn about running SQL Server in Azure. This course will review basic Azure networking and storage using the Azure Resource Manager architecture to prepare students for building SQL Server solutions in Azure. The primary focus of this course is SQL Server cloud and hybrid-cloud solutions on Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). This course will cover best practices for deploying SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines including standalone SQL Servers and hybrid Availability Groups. The course will look at SQL Server features that take advantage of Azure Storage such as SQL Server Managed Backup, Azure Snapshot Backups, and SQL Server data files hosted on Azure Storage.
  • Published: Feb 23 2017
    Published: Feb 23 2017
    Length: 2:44:37
    This course covers In-Memory OLTP, Columnstore Indexing, Real-time Analytics, Query Store, JSON data in SQL Server and Extended Events with Availability Groups.
  • Published: Sep 6 2016
    Published: Sep 6 2016
    Length: 14:07:33
    PowerShell is Microsoft’s strategic task automation platform for IT Pros, It is a key component of Microsoft’s overall management strategy. PowerShell consists of a scripting environment, a script development tool (the PowerShell ISE) and a wealth of add-on functionality in the form of modules. PowerShell also ships for down-level systems including Windows 7, 8.1 and Server 2012. This course provides a great foundation to PowerShell. It covers the fundamental aspects of PowerShell and demonstrates the many new and improved features that come with PowerShell Version 3. We also discuss PowerShell V4 and V5.
  • Published: May 30 2016
    Published: May 30 2016
    Length: 6:53:53
    This course provides an introduction to Microsoft’s ASPNET Web API framework for building RESTful HTTP services. It begins by explaining the benefits of a RESTful HTTP service. Then, through a combination of demonstrations and labs, the course proceeds to teach the student how to implement a RESTful HTTP service. By the end of the course, the student will have hands on experience with building and consuming a web service that can read and write complex data types over HTTP.
  • Published: Dec 3 2015
    Published: Dec 3 2015
    Length: 9:20:37
    This course explores the F# programming language and ecosystem to students who are familiar with the .NET framework and are already users of C# or VB .NET. The course will begin by introducing users to F# and Functional Programming in general, dealing with the “why” and “where”. Students will work through a number of code-first scenarios using Visual Studio 2015 that will give the student a firm understanding in the fundamentals of the language and Visual Studio tooling, as well as the confidence to explore more of the language themselves. Labs will be intermixed with examples and use-cases for solving problems using F#.
  • Published: Aug 6 2015
    Published: Aug 6 2015
    Length: 6:17:33
    This course explores basics of a feature introduced in PowerShell v4 – Desired State Configuration (DSC). DSC is a PowerShell way for describing and enforcing unified configuration of your infrastructure based on easy-to-use language elements. In the course we’ll start with DSC architecture and will move to basic configuration toolkit. After we’ll understand the basics, we’ll see how to use different components of DSC to ensure correct configuration of our infrastructure. At the end of the course we’ll see how to troubleshoot the most common DSC issues. This course will be useful for IT Pro and architects who are responsible for infrastructure management. Developer and test engineers can use DSC for quick preparation of the environment used in their day-to-day work.
  • Published: May 1 2015
    Published: May 1 2015
    Length: 10:19:05
    Web development has changed over the years. Today, the browser is not only used for websites with limited interaction functionality. Companies have started to build complex solutions with the browser as their primary front-end. As client-side complexity rises, developers need advanced tools to handle challenges like productivity, separating logic and view, unit testing, modularization, etc. The combination of TypeScript and AngularJS offers exactly that.
  • Published: Mar 7 2015
    Published: Mar 7 2015
    Length: 0:00:00
    MOC 10962B - Learn how to automate and streamline day to day management and administration tasks and functions in your Windows Server Infrastructure. This three-day course is a follow on course from the 10961B: Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell course. It is built on Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1 and while it is specifically focused on Windows PowerShell v4.0, is also relevant in v2.0 and v3.0 Windows PowerShell environments. Expand and build upon the knowledge already acquired in course 10961B and focus on building more scalable and usable Windows PowerShell scripts for use in your organization by building your own Windows PowerShell tools. Learn about areas such as the creation of advanced functions, script modules, advanced parameters attributes and controller scripts. Also learn how to make your scripts more robust by learning about handling script errors and the analysis and debugging Windows PowerShell scripts. The course will also cover the use of Windows PowerShell cmdlets with .NET Framework as well as teaching how to configure your Windows Servers using Desired State Configuration and providing an understanding of Windows PowerShell workflow. The detailed hands on labs and in depth content and learning will help remove manual tasks that you may currently have to perform as an Administrator, allowing you to make your own Windows PowerShell tools for automated, repeated, accurate management and provisioning of your Windows Server infrastructure.