Angular 10 Developer Training 

Learn Angular 10 and enhance your development skills with our comprehensive 3-day course.


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Course Description

The Angular developer training course is designed for developers who are responsible for building applications using AngularJS. Through a combination of presentations and hands-on practices, participants will explore Angular comprehensively and learn to build components, directives, template-driven forms, routing, etc., for complex data-centric (enterprise) applications. This Angular online training will update your knowledge and skills with the current Angular version to lift your career. 

Course Description

About this course

Couse Outline

Module 1: Basics 

  • JavaScript basics 
  • Typescript vs JavaScript 
  • Basics of nodejs and npm 

Module 2: Creating basic angular project  

Module 3: Components 

Module 4: Directives & it's types 

Module 5: Sharing data between components  

Module 6: Angular Material 

Module 7: Services and Dependency Injection. 

Module 8: Changing Pages with Routing. Lazy loading 

Module 9: Understanding Observables. 

  • Behavior subject 

Module 10: Handling Forms in Angular Apps.(Reactive)  

Module 11: Making Http requests (REST API's) 

Module 12: Authentication And Route Protection 

Module 13: Using Angular Modules and Optimizing Apps 

Module 14: Pipes 

Module 15: Actual Deployment of Angular project on server. [Making your project live] 

Projects Covered

Project 01 – Todo App with Angular 

Using the Angular, with API calls, creating the functionality, Todo App. 


  • Fetching Data 
  • Listing Out the Data 
  • Asking the User to Input 
  • add New Item    
  • Deleting the Existing Item 

Project 02 – Unit Tests with Angular 

Creating the application with either counter App, etc., writing the Test code, Unit Tests with Integrations. 


  • Unit Test  
  • Manual
  • Snapshot  
  • Static 

 Project 03 - Bare Bones 

This project can teach you about Angular routing as a simple service or with multiple components. The easy-to-understand code makes it a popular choice among beginners. Here is a stepwise flow of the topic: 

  • Basic Node.js installation   Angular CLI installation 
  • App dependency injection using npm   App launch with a simple command. 

Project 04 - Google Maps Integration 

Integrating Google Maps into any web application is a very common feature. Google already provides Map API for integrating it into the web application. For integrating into Angular, 

We already have npm package with nicely maintained documentation which makes our task quite easy, we just need to import the module and follow the steps: 

  • Creating an Angular App 
  • Install and Configure Google Maps Module    
  • Plot Multiple Locations 

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