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About Us

Smarter Works

We love making people smarter. Smarter about the way executives approach cloud computing in their respective organizations and agencies around the world. Smarter about how IT Managers are re-skilling their staff around cloud-based software and systems solutions. Smarter students that can take the training they receive from Opsgility and apply it to their everyday work environment. Smarter in our approach with software, solutions, and virtualmachine developers to stay in the know about changes in the various cloud-based technologies in the marketplace. Smarter in always staying one step ahead of the needs of the clients we are proud to work with. Smarter works.

Innovative Businesses Need Training Experts

In 2013 Opsgility started as a company that developed Microsoft-targeted cloud training to be delivered in a classroom setting. We quickly realized that our customers also needed a the training experts that could deliver the training in a lab environment and foster interactive learning to affect the overall culture of their organization to become more cloud-based and re-skill their labor force accordingly. Customer feedback pointed us toward enhancing the classroom experience and interaction to drive retention of the knowledge and skills we were imparting. We were emerging as the training leader in live, instructor led classroom training in both Microsoft Azure and Office 365.